Ionic view app - how to see the build on ionic view app of git branch instead of master?


I am working on the ionic app in my local and pushed the code on the git. I wanted to link the local app to the ionic dashboard so that I can see my local project on ionic view app.
I am on ionic app project in my local.I have pushed the code to the organization repository(master) as a branch “energy”. I performed following steps:

  • I link my project to the app on the dashboard.
  • After executing commands “git add -p” and "git commit -m “initial commit” when I am trying to execute command “git push ionic master” I see message “Everything up-to-date”. But when trying to run the command “git push ionic energy(branch name)” build is performing on the app. But not able to see the code on ionic view app.
    Can you pls let me know how can see the updated response on ionic view app?