Ionic View app: cordova_plugin_facebook4 plugin_not_installed


I’m having an issue when trying to login on FB from my app on Ionic View after deploying to Ionic Pro: “plugin_not_installed”.

This is how I make the call to facebook login:

loginWithFb(loginPage) {
    return this.facebook.login(['email', 'public_profile'])
    .then((response: FacebookLoginResponse) => {
    .catch(error => {
      this.alertService.createAlert("Error trying login to FB", JSON.stringify(error));
      this.errorService.logError(JSON.stringify(error), { level: 'error' }, {});

I installed cordova-plugin-facebook4 following the docs on github.

So… I can not found the answer to this problem and do not know what to do, any help is welcome!


I’m running into the same issue at the moment, would love an explanation behind this error. Did you find a fix? I have a similar implementation. I’m not using the plugin on page load, but have the code wrapped in a “platform.ready()” anyway and I’m still getting this error.


This plugin is not in the list of supported plugins:

So it is probably not supported…