Facebook Native Authentication help needed plugin_not_installed error

Hi guys

i am trying to add the Facebookimage Authentication on my App and keep running into issues

i have followed the example from the Facebook Native documentation installed both items needed and done the configuration as described but i when i run the app in the IONIC View i get the error “plugin_not_installed”

Example i am following is https://ionicframework.com/docs/native/facebook/

below is the info from my app

below is the code i am using


What can i try to get this working.

The Facebook plugin is not one of the supported plugins of Ionic View: https://docs.ionic.io/tools/view/#supported-plugins

You will have to build the app yourself: ionic cordova run

Thank you, can you kindly help me with one more thing can you point me to the documentation where after login I can extract the email address profile picture and the name of the user from Facebook

It was related to the emultor issue i was having

now on a device i can get to the login page of FB.

I cannot login due to the key issue i will open anothr for that

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