Ionic version 0.0.10 makes swipe cards behave weird

When I switched to Ionic version 0.0.10, swipe cards started to behave a bit weird.

You can have a look at this codepen:

While the swipe cards were an interesting UI, they were more to show what you can do with ionic and our gestures. Not really optimized for actual use or keep up to date.

Hey @siddhartha.

I just made an update to the cards to work with beta 10 and use some new Ionic stuff. Check this out:

Also the repo has been updated:

Hope that helps!



Of course it helps, everything you touch or think is an help :smile:

Yeah I agree. But I have seen many apps that are using swipe-cards as provided originally by @max. So I thought this post might help everyone in case they upgrade their ionic version.