Tinder Swipe Cards Functionality Issues

Hey All,

I loved the update to the Swipe cards for Tinder-like functionality mentioned in the recent blog post:


I’ve deployed the bower files and ran the emulator, it’s definitely a great start to the functionality. However, I’m seeing a few issues:

  1. Cards snapping back from the sides of the screen.
  2. Being able to swipe cards under the current top card if the stack is ‘thick’ enough
  3. General janky and jumpiness of each card when swiping

I’m going to start digging into the code to look for fixes to some of this, but if anyone else is having similar issues or is going to begin looking at tweaks, I just wanted to start the thread.


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Any progress on the above?

I’m also experiencing another issue where the card underneath shows above the top card as soon as the card is moved.


Also having these issues.