Ionic v7 ios 120hz smooth transitions (when?)

As I’ve mentioned multiple times, this is a platform issue that needs to be addressed by Apple. In other words, this is not an Ionic bug. Just because the issue hasn’t been resolved in a few months hardly means it has been abandoned.

If this is important for your use case, I recommend posting on the WebKit issue I linked to. The team at Apple prioritizes work based on developer impact. However, if they don’t hear from developers then they won’t prioritize the work.

All animations in Ionic currently run at up to 60fps, so animations should still smooth. If you are running into significant framerate drops (<45fps) then this is different issue.

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I don’t understand how you are saying Ionic performance is slow on any new ios device and then rambling about other projects with 0 proof of your claims.

I have Never had problems with animations or performance unless it was from an older device (iphone 8). Your comments as well as others are misleading new developers.

What he’s trying to say is that 120hz animation is not supported, and when you use iPhone Pro devices, it can be clearly seen that ionic’s transition animation is not smooth enough compared to other applications.
However, as ldebeasi said, this is not a problem of ionic, but a problem of webkit. Plain mobile Safari also has the same problem, but it seems like drawback of ionic framework that relies on webkit. I’ll leave a comment on webkit forum as well.

This must be a special use case scenario. I have iphone 12 pro and iphone 15 pro, i don’t see any ionic animation rendering issues or performance issues on 5+ apps we have on production.

@Hills90210 this is standard scenario. Ionic Action Sheet doesn’t run smoothly on 120hz pro devices. You can compare action sheet from ionic components with capacitor native action sheets. You see difference?
All ionic modals and routing transitions doesn’t run smoothly as well. You can always set animated false in html tags, but then the application looks poor.

This issue should be resolved in the upcoming iOS 17.4 release: 257862 – accelerated animations not running at 120fps on pro motion devices

I verified that Ionic’s animations run at up to 120fps on supported devices. Note that swipe to go back is still capped at 60fps because touch events are dispatched at that rate. However, playing the page transition (without the user swiping) will run at up to 120fps.


Wow. You’ve right. Now modals and action sheets are so smooth. Finally

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This is very good news. Now, applications made with Ionic seem to run almost like native applications. There seems to be no reason not to use Ionic in app development.

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