Ionic v7 ios 120hz smooth transitions (when?)

Is there a chance that version 7 will get smooth animations for ios 120hz users?
The worst use is with navigation, action-sheet (here is a tragedy) and dialogues.

Of course, I can use the cap native action-sheet, but there is a problem with nav and dialogues.

Accelerated animations should automatically run at 120Hz on iOS if the device is capable of doing so.

The one exception are swipe-based animations (such as swipe to go back) as those rely on requestAnimationFrame which is limited to 60fps on iOS devices. (See 173434 – Support for 120Hz requestAnimationFrame)

Thanks. I know, that they should automatically run, but the didn’t. Tested on iPhone 14 pro with 120 hz frame rate. Action-sheet, dialogs and routing still working at 60 hz.

Do you need a video to proof?
Native Action-sheet from capacitor working perfect at 120hz, only ionic components has problems.

How did you calculate the frame rate on the Ionic app?

I switch between 120hz and 60hz in iOS settings. Changing to 120hz improves smoothness of all components except action-sheet, dialogs and routing in ionic angular components.

Does this happen with components like alert and loading too?

No, only action-sheet, dialog (open, close) transition, navigation (right move transition, and left back button - dont use others navigation movements).
Do you want a video?

Sure that would be great. I’m trying to get my hands on an iPhone that supports 120hz displays to see if I can test.

Any update on that ?

@ldebeasi I can’t record in 60fps, the phone allows 30. The error persists.

I’m able to reproduce the behavior. The WebKit team informed me that accelerated animations should run at 120fps by default, so I’m working with them to identify potential issues.

Pls let me know when the problem is solved. Thanks

@ldebeasi I am having the issue as well, let me know when it is solved.

Hello, any update on that?

I filed an issue with the WebKit team: 257862 – accelerated animations not running at 120fps on pro motion devices

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Hello, any update on that?

Since this is a bug that needs to be addressed by Apple, any updates can be found on 257862 – accelerated animations not running at 120fps on pro motion devices.

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Any updates? This makes iOS-IONIC application’s performance poor… :disappointed_relieved:

As I mentioned in my previous post, this bug needs to be addressed by Apple. Any updates are going to come from Apple on the link I provided, not from me.

Hello, any updates?
Your post on webkit has long since been abandoned. Now Ionic performance is worse then flutter, nativescript, pwa or react native. ActionSheet has bad performance on iphone 13pro+ with 120hz screen. All modals has bad performance and all routes has bad performance.

I abandoned 3 projects because of this lag. I wasted hundreds of hours.
Do you guys planned to fix this?
It’s been a long time since the 13 pro was released and now most iPhones run with a 120hz screen.

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