Glitchy Behaviour

Is it just me or does Ionic framework give a glitchy behavior when it comes to animations? Specially the view/navigation transition animations.

I am developing an app and using Samsung Galaxy S4 as my test device. I install the app on my device for testing using phonegap build. Running the demo ionic-angular-cordova-seed project with bare minimal alterations showed glitchy behavior on my device.

The framework has been very helpful, easy to setup, and looks clean. AngularJS support is an added bonus for me since I am a heavy user of AngularJS for front end development. However, the glitchiness is killing it for me.

Please tell me I am doing something wrong here. Or if this is specific to certain devices?

Right now, the devs are really focusing on performance improvements - specifically for Android. They’re introducing a grading system for devices and will use those grades to determine which animations to use. Hopefully, using this new system, they’ll be able to make Ionic better suited for a wider range of devices and capabilities. Patience is the best advice I can give right now.

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Thanks @Calendee for the prompt response.

Meanwhile, I tested the app on an HTC One, and the transitions were smooth and tidy. The scroll was smooth. The experience was pretty flawless.

Galaxy S4 surprisingly has issues. But I can live with that. Keep up the good work!