Ionic v4 <ion-toggle> and <ion-select> in the same <ion-item> issue: <ion-toggle> untoggleable because click coverage is overlapped by <ion-select>

I want to be able to click on a toggle in the same line, to save space, as an ion-select. Not sure if this is feasible, but it would be nice.

The problem: when I click on the ion-toggle, it instead triggers the ion-select

      <slot><ion-label slot='start'><h6>Sort by...</h6></ion-label></slot>
      <slot name='item-left'><ion-toggle (ionChange)='updateOrderText()' checked='true' [(ngModel)]='isAscending'>{{order_text}}</ion-toggle></slot>
      <slot name='item-right'><ion-select [interfaceOptions]="customSortOptions" interface="popover" text-wrap (ionChange)='doSort()' [(ngModel)]="sort_option">
      <ion-select-option text-wrap value="0">
      <ion-select-option text-wrap value='1'>
      <ion-select-option text-wrap value='2'>