When i touch the screen in any place, a specific ion-select is selected


Hi. I came across this bug and can’t understand why it is happening. These are the selects i have on top of page:

<ion-row padding-horizontal>
     <ion-select [(ngModel)]="tipo_actual" placeholder="Evento">
          <ion-option *ngFor="let tipo of tipos" value="{{tipo}}">{{tipo}}</ion-option>
     <div class="separador"></div>
     <ion-select [(ngModel)]="marca_actual" placeholder="Marca">
          <ion-option *ngFor="let marca of marcas" value="{{marca}}">{{marca}}</ion-option>

And the second select activates wherever i touch, even when i touch the content in the bottom of the page or when i touch the first select. I’ve tried deleting the second select, but the same thing happens with the first one. Any one know why is this hapening?