Ionic V1 project on macOS Monterey / M1 Chip

I (unfortunately) have a few older apps that were written in Ionic V1 that need to get some API endpoints updated. Since these apps have been created, I have updated my machine and macOS and now it appears that when trying to install the dependencies for the project, my environment may be missing some tools.

It appears that since Python is no longer included in macOS, the V1 scripts are having some errors.

Is there any documentation or information on running a V1-app on new OS/M1 chipped machines?

All my apps work fine in Monterey / M1 Chip (macbook pro 16).
I had some issues updating cocoapods dependencies but i fixed following a tutorial online.

But in your case, you should tell what’s the problem. Are you trying to build it and it gives you errors?
Are you trying to run it?

send some logs