Does Ionic works fine on M1 Macbooks?

Today my beloved intel i7 macbook pro 16 suddenly died, i already repaired it twice, its time to buy a new machine.
I was thinking of getting the M1 macbook pro 16, do you know if everything will work fine (xcode, android studio)?
Since I work a lot outside the office / house, my fear is buying a machine incompatible with all my current projects.

Thank you!

Yes! Ionic works well with M1. I used my iMac 2021 to run Apps on Android and iOS Devices using Live Reload. Sometimes Cocoa Pods makes some trouble on the installation Process. But there is a good workaround to install it without errors. All in all everything works great on M1.


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thank you so much for sharing your experience.
Luckily and (again) suddenly, when I was slipping the macbook just turned on :smiley:
i will try to resist a little more and wait for a macbook m2 pro maybe :slight_smile: