Ionic v0.9.17 + Phonegap on Samsung S4 / Glitchy Animations

Good afternoon,

First of all, thank you so much for developing such an awesome piece of library.

I’m working on creating an application which uses ionic and Phonegap 3.1. It runs perfectly on a Nexus 4 and on iOS. Everything smooth. But when I installed the app on an S4, the nav-bar, modal and went crazy showing very chopped animations.

I’ve read the webkit on the latest version of Android on the S4 has screwed up for Phone.

Just wanted to let everyone know about it to keep it on the table.

Thank you!

Thanks for the heads up, we are currently testing a lot of things on Android. Are you running Android 4.3 on the S4?

I tested it on these devices:

  • iPhone 5S iOS 7.0.4 (works flawlessly)
  • Nexus 4 Android 4.4.2 (works very nice, still can do better, but very good in the end)
  • Samsung S4 Android 4.2.2

I hope this helps.

Last night the S4 received an update to Android 4.3.
It works a little bit better but still choppy.

@tabb0 would you be able to give v0.9.21 a shot? I’m curious if there were any noticeable improvements. Thanks

@adam, I use Galaxy S4 on Android 4.3. The app opens up great, works well for a minute or two and then similar glitchy issues show up with page transitions/animations.

Also, the fonts go thick/bold when the glitchiness escalates. I am using ionic v.0.9.26

Just a hint, I’ve read the S4 with Android 4.3 has an issue with the WebKit. It is something Samsung made. I’m beginning to test the app. So far, some issues with some styles. But generally, very good performance.

@tabb0 Do update me on your overall experience on Galaxy S4. It’ll help me understand if its my device, or something else that is messing things up for me.


In the meantime, I recommend you using this it creates a virtual box with Android images for several devices. This has been very helpful in trying to determine the issues with the S4’s.

I hope that helps you.

I am also facing this issue with latest ionic (v1.1.9) and cordova (3.5.0-0.2.7) on Android (4.1.1).
Kindly guide how to make ionic transitions / animations work smoothly on Android ? It will be great healp.


Look here for a clue:

and how to remove animations all together?

<ion-nav-view animation="no-animation" ></ion-nav-view> does not work