Nexus5 (4.4) vs Nexus4 (4.3) head to head - suprising results


Hey everyone, am new to this community, so please forgive me if this is covered in another thread.

So ATM I’m having a nightmare trying to get ontop of Android performance issues - and just realized that i’m actually seeing the inverse to what most people seem to be saying: the Android 4.3 webview is totally nailing the Chrome webview in animation/render performance.

Basically, my ionic app (built from the tabs starter project) performs buttery smooth on a Nexus4 (running android 4.3 - non-chrome web-view), and on the Nexus5 (chrome web-view) - it barely manages to animate at all. It’s really quite astounding.

Has anyone else found the same problem?

As a control test, I created a brand new project fresh from the “Tabs” starter template (seems to be running Ionic 1.0.0-beta.8) … and again ran it on both devices. Again the Nexus5 doesn’t manage to animate the slide between the “friends” page and the “friend detail” page at all. The Nexus4 handles it perfectly, rendering a buttery smooth animation between the two states. I’m noticing the same issue with other beta versions too.

Is anyone finding the same? This is totally frustrating.


Hey there! Welcome to the community :smile:

What version of ionic are you using, beta 8? Can you try the nightly builds?
There’s been some work done to increase performance on android.


Hey there. Yep, nightly atleast makes the “Tabs” starter project run smoothly on both.

I’m still seeing a crazy performance difference between Nexus4 and 5 with my actual app tho.

Sadly though, I cannot show you as I’m bound by NDA.


Try to enable (or disable) hardware acceleration in your manifest file and see if the results change.


I haven’t used Ionic since Feb. so I ran the latest version last night and noticed poor performance with transitions as mentioned above (my phone is Nexus 4 running latest 4.4.4).

When I tried the latest nightly (June 27) the issues have disappeared without needing to disable hardware acceleration.

How long until the changes make it into beta?


Alon, may i ask how one does this? I have tried to change android:hardwareAccelerated inside androidManifest.xml… ? It seems to work on the manifest tag (i can set it to false), but when i do it on the application tag, it gets changed back to true whenever i do a build/run.