Ionic tabs force tabs back to tab root view


In my ionic app, I have 5 tabs. If a user changes their search data I need to force a specific tab views back to the root tab level if the user was last in a tab-child view. In Tab1 controller, once it recognizes that initial search data has changed, it needs to force the other tabs back to the root view of that tab :

Tab1 - user data entry
Tab2 - Product1 results list
 - Tab2_Sub1 - Product Details
Tab3 - Product 2 results list
 - Tab3_Sub1 - Product Details
Tab4 - Product 3 results list
 - Tab4_sub1 - Product Details

Scenario: User enters info, goes into Tab2 to see results, then clicks on a specific result for more detail taking them into Tab2_Sub1. User then goes back to Tab1 and changes their data and returns to Tab2. A new listing of results needs to be displayed, however the users page is still showing Tab2_Sub1 detailed info from the first product search. Only if they click the back arrow to leave the Tab2_Sub1 view to return to Tab2 root will the new list appear.

When the data is changed on Tab1, how can I force the view for Tab2 back to its parent/root level to display the new results so when the user returns they see the new list…and not the last page the were on; which is now old data for Tab2_Sub1?

Reset / Clear a Tab history stack

Bump. Really need some assistance with this one. Been working on it for 2 days and can’t find a solution.