IONIC Change ion-tab root page dynamically in the tabs class?

To support this question, please check the Plunker project in:

If the TAB1 (Home) root page is changed by clicking the available button and then I change to the TAB “About” and change back to the TAB “Home”, I will see the Page “Home v2” instead of “Home”. BUT, if I click twice on the TAB “Home” it will get back to Page “Home”.

How can I restore TAB “Home” root Page to “Home v1” instead of “Home v2” when changing from Tab to Tab? Like the behavior of clicking twice on TAB “Home”, but with 1 click only.

The reason behind this question is: in TAB1 (Home) I want to have 2 different Root pages (List view, Map View). Within TAB1 if the user starts navigating from List View and then goes back to the begining (like close navigation button), it gets back to the List View page, if starting from Map View it gets back to Map View. But whenever changing TABs (going to About) and going back to TAB1, I want to force List View as starting point, independent of the Root page it was there before.

Does this make sense or should I approach it in a different way?


Did you get this? I am exactly in the same situation.


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I written the tested solution here.
Ionic - Force change and refresh tab root