Ionic tab template, starting view without tabs

I would to have in my ionic app (tabs template) a starting full screen view, without header and footer tab bar; then by user action right animation sliding to “normal” tabs interface.
Would this be possible?

Start a blank starter template. Than make a SlidingBox and place your layout in the slides. Now you have something like a ViewPager in Android. I don’t know if this works 100%, but i would build it like that! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Thanks for your idea, i will try. But it is possible to disable user to slide? I would to trigger via code the slide…

Yes i think it is possible - just catch the function which is triggered when the user swipes an return false or something else. Then it should not slide to left or right!

I’ve tried this:

<body ng-controller="AppController">
<ion-slide-box show-pager="false">
        <div ng-include src="'views/fullScreenView.html'" ng-controller="CtrlName"></div>
        <ion-nav-bar class="bar-positive">

the idea is to slide to the second slide with the tab interface already loaded, but this is not working. The fullscreen slide works very well, but cannot switch to the “normal” interface.
Any clue?