Ionic Tab template navigation

I’ve tried to ask for help several times on this matter but with no responses.

What am trying to achieve is fairly simple, just like the twitter app there are four tabs at the bottom, each tab has its own navigation stack which is fine, the problem is having a view (ex: Tweet View) to be universally accessible in all four tabs without breaking the navigation stack.

This is becoming a serious problem as it’s the only thing remaining for me to submit the app to the AppStore.

treat the tweet view as a modal and hack the navigation to make it appear as if it is sliding in from the left. Set the back button to just close the modal and you should be able to get the same effect without disrupting the specific navigation stack

Well thought solution but this is a core view that already has around 4 modals coming out from it plus the modals aren’t very nice in ionic, their controllers fire when the app is ready not when the state is ready which creates a lot of complications.

I thought of having a replica state inside of every tab but that isn’t practical having to remember which stack you are in and navigate to the respective state.

I am now having a lot of problems with the tabs layout, if a specific view needs to hide the tabs like for example a chat window I can’t do that.

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you don’t need a replica state in every controller to to solve this problem… you don’t need to remember the stacks… it is modal

I understand your proposed solution but I just explained that a modal isn’t optimal for my situation that’s why I need to stick with the normal view.