"Depth"/stack of a tab; stacking views?


Let’s say I have an app with 3 tabs, similar to the example tabbed app. I’d want every tab to go more than one level deep, in some cases reaching the same view from different tabs (e.g. a user profile view that could be reached from tab 1, 2 or 3).

To illustrate:

* - TAB1 -> detailView -> userView
* - TAB2 -> detailView -> moreDetailView -> userList -> userView
* - TAB3 -> otherView -> userView

How do I explain this to $stateProvider?


First off, have the same views for multiple tabs isn’t possible, you would need to have separate view for each time you would want to go to userView or detailedView.


Okay, got it. I’ll probably use a modal for that…

How about the depth of a tab? How can I navigate deeper and have the back button work?


Just add a new state to your app. Take a look at the tab example on our codepen.