[Ionic 4] Tab-Navigation with Pages that belong to multiple Tabs

Hey guys,

I am having my first issue with Ionic 4 that I can’t solve via searching for it, so I hope that you can help me.

I have a tab bar () at the bottom with 5 different pages, let’s call them TabPage1 - 5. Besides that, I have similar to Instagram pages that can be opened on each of these TabPages, for example, a profile from another user or a details page. For this reason, I can’t simply move the ProfilePage beyond one of these TabPages, because /tabs/tabpage1/profile/id is simply wrong, so I kept this page in the root navigation /profile/id, but now I can’t integrate the tab bar here as well. Moving the profile to the same level as the tab bar shows the tab bar, but the animation isn’t working anymore (probably because there is no forward/backward animation between the tabs itself) and the nav icon in the tab bar that I came from isn’t activated anymore.

How can I solve this issue? With Ionic 3 I was just pushing these pages to my stack and popping them off when the user wants to go back. Since quite a lot of apps are working this way that you can click on a profile, from there click on an image, go to the comments, go to the profile of somebody who wrote a comment, then go to an image again etc… this worked with Ionic 3, but I am not sure how to solve this with Ionic 4.

Thank you so much, I really appreciate any idea or feedback on this issue, because this is fully blocking me from using Ionic 4 right now, making the migration from V3 currently useless :frowning: