Ionic super starter not working


Hi there Ionites,

Any one can run the new ionic super starter?

ionic start myapp super --v2

is returning a error.

Thank you folks :slight_smile:


what error? make sure you run the latest CLI


I reinstall node and ionic and works fine. Thanks. ionic version 2.1.18


At first I tried it by git cloning the repo but that gave me a few errors. After just ionic start myapp super --v2 it works grat!


I got another error on Ionic serve. I have updated APP scripts and it worked fine.


I have a problem the app runs but no side menu, please help


You have to slide from left to right on the left Edge on any page. :wink:


oh my, been trying to figure out what the problem is for 2 days:sob: , thanks a million::grinning:


I struggled with pulling the Super template in April 2017. Kept saying the template didn’t exist even with update CLI and Ionic. What fixed it for me was a computer restart and running a LTS of node. Used the Node Version Manager to switch to 6.9.5, from 7.5.0. Hope this helps someone else.


Did you solve it? Same issue


yeah was solved, my issue was the side menu not opening , you open the side menu by touch sliding from the left edge , You have to slide from left to right on the left Edge on any page