Ionic stencil is slower?

I moved from ionic 3 (with angular 5) to ionic 5 (using stencil, without angular).
The app size is smaller for stencil webapp, but it load/render much slower than the old webapp.

To be more impressive, ionic 3 angular webapp loads within 1 second, ionic 5 stencil webapp loads more than 6 seconds.

I guess the old angular webapp is faster because it bundle all the pages, so less http requests for the first screen and when switch pages?
Stencil webapp (which is web component) seems to load each component in separate (e.g. ion-button, ion-chip, e.t.c.).

Also, on stencil webapp, the rendering is very slow when it’s first time display a long list. I had to use workaround like congest the data (e.g. insert into array 3 by 3 instead of pushing all items in once) but I don’t have to do so in ionic 3 (angular) app.

I enjoy the dev-UX in stencil, live reload works without losing the states. And the type checking from TSX help a lot during refactoring.

In ionic 4 with angualr 8, the live reload will lose the state in the controller, plus the xhtml template has less IDE support. But seems the end-user-UX on stencil app is not as good as angular app?

Is others facing similar issue?

Probably related to this thread: Ionic 4 slow performance on user interaction