Ionic start myApps tabs only download one package

I’m a newbie on ionic.
When i try to execute ionic start myApps tabs, it only downloads the blank package to my area.

I’m using the latest node.js, cordova and ionic.

Appreciate your help.


When I type ionic start myApps tabs it loads both of these 2 projects after each other:


Can you provide information to your environment through: ionic info?

I think the “latest node” might be the issue… I was having a similar issue with 11.13 and downgraded to 10.32 and this fixed the issue.

Hmm, I’ve been using the latest node, v0.12.0 and its been working fine for me.
Also, the latest version of the cli, 1.3.10

Maybe it’s a stupid question, but did you try

$ npm install -g cordova ionic

to be shure to have latest vresions installed?

Because for me also everything is ok with latest versions…

I’m not sure what did I do, it works now. Thanks for your advice guys!