Ionic app creation gets stuck at "ionic start app_name tabs"

I am new to ionic framework, facing below issue while creating first app.
**i am working behind corporate proxy
-> command executed “ionic start hello_ionic tabs”
Error Message :
? The directory hello_ionic contains file(s) that could conflict. Would you like to overwrite the directory with this new project? Yes
√ Creating directory .\hello_ionic - done!
√ Downloading and extracting tabs starter - done!

? Would you like to integrate your new app with Cordova to target native iOS and Android? Yes
√ Personalizing ionic.config.json and package.json - done!

ionic integrations enable cordova --quiet
√ Downloading integration cordova - done!
√ Copying integrations files to project - done!
[OK] Added cordova integration!

Installing dependencies may take several minutes.


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npm i

  • Running command

ionic start stuck at “npm i”.

please help me in resolving this issue.

->output of “npm info”
{ name: ‘hello_ionic’,
description: ‘a’,
‘dist-tags’: { latest: ‘1.0.0’ },
versions: [ ‘1.0.0’ ],
maintainers: [ ‘gboog’ ],
{ modified: ‘2017-04-19T13:42:30.205Z’,
created: ‘2017-04-19T13:42:30.205Z’,
‘1.0.0’: ‘2017-04-19T13:42:30.205Z’ },
homepage: ‘’,
keywords: [ ‘sss’ ],
{ type: ‘git’,
url: ‘git+’ },
author: ‘Griffin Blotner’,
bugs: { url: ‘’ },
license: ‘ISC’,
readmeFilename: ‘’,
version: ‘1.0.0’,
main: ‘index.js’,
scripts: { test: ‘s’ },
{ shasum: ‘73936188b9f38359107be3fce56da2643d195a89’,
tarball: ‘’ },
directories: {} }