Ionic splash screen hiding and changes


I’ve circled back to an app I developed about 5 months ago in Ionic (for iOS and Android). I decided to migrate it to the current versions of “everything” and I can no longer get my splash screen to hide as desired. It appears some things have changed in recent updates and honestly, I’m not 100% positive how I got it working in the first place.

In order to simplify things, I decided to use a test scenario with Ionic 1.1: Create a brand new Ionic app (ionic start testsplash) and attempt to show the splash screen for 10 seconds and then hide it and resume my application. (exaggerated timing here just to make sure it’s working).

Can anyone elaborate on the easiest way to do this with the current versions of the cordova splashscreen plugin and Ionic? Extended googling keeps turning up old information and I’ve been unable to sort the old from the new (between settings in the config.xml, injecting ngCordova into the module then using a timeout in the ionicPlatformReady method, …etc). Any help would be appreciated, this feels like it should be dead simple, but I keep running into a wall.