Ionic Splash Screen and Icon not coming in ios?

Using Ionic generator I have created the Ionic splash screen and icon,And I am successfully able to generate the icons and splash screens for different devices and platform.

When I deploy the app I am able to get it in Android,but I am not able to get splash and icon in ios, Is there
any native specific I need to do for ios splash screen?? I have added the respective screens in config.xml,
But still I am not able to get it in ios platform?

Try a platform remove / platform add, worked for me.

I did that also but it didn’t worked for me,Is there any other workaround to get it done?

can you show us the config.xml? and info in

ionic info

Yes I am able to get the icon and splash screen in ios also. Thanks :smile:

so what was the problem?

Every time I need to remove the platform,And then If I add again it works,Its because xcode things are not getting updated when I build,I need to do the platform remove and add workaround every time when I deploy the application.

PS: I am using latest Ionic CLI but still I have to do the above mentioned workaround.