Ionic slides/keyboard issues

I have been having issues with the soft keyboard pushing ion-input controls off screen when they’re placed in an ion-slide. I’ve seen the issue pop up in various different guises in the forums and github. I found that a CSS suggestion made almost works for me.

        margin-bottom: 0px !important;
        padding-bottom: 0px !important;

This keeps most of the form on screen but the first control is off screen. And the form wont scroll. From what I’ve read there have been a lot of issues fixed with recent versions of cordova-plugin-ionic-keyboard. So I’ve installed that and the @ionic-native/keyboard. I’ve also referenced it in ngModule/providers. But I don’t know how to specify, or even tell, if the app is using it or the standard keyboard.

@ionic-native/keyboard”: “^4.7.0”,
“cordova-plugin-ionic-keyboard”: “^2.0.5”,
“cordova-plugin-ionic-keyboard”: {}

Ionic Framework: 3.9.2
Ionic App Scripts: 3.1.8
Angular Core: 5.0.3
Angular Compiler CLI: 5.0.3
Node: 9.11.1
OS Platform: Linux 4.13
Navigator Platform: Linux x86_64