Keyboard hiding content

Inside ionc-content i used ion-slide. In the ion-slide i have form whoch have a problem with the keyboard. The keyboard is hiding the content and I can’t scroll. The ion-xontebt height doesn’t change when keyboard is open.


I think I’m having the same issue

@matanyed try to put this code in your config.xml:

<preference name="android-windowSoftInputMode" value="stateVisible|adjustResize" />

Can you give your view code? Make sure you are using ionic keyboard plugin and the view is srollable otherwise this will not work.

this is the app id: 7b4357e0 (or this: 9be313f0)
i am not sure if is that the share code. im from phone so im sorry.
if you can give me your email so i can share it with you

It may be an issue with the form in the slide-box.
I’ve tested long forms on android and ios and they both scroll. Would you be able to share some code or put together a codepen?

@mhartington I’m having the same issue with the form in the slide-box.
how to solve it??