Ionic slide-pager dots

in slidebox we add slides dynamicalyy at first default selection…and dots shows corectly as of slide length
and after i changed default option to other in dropdown list and agin i add the fresh slides to slidebox on samepage but here adding previous dots to current and if i have 2 slides means tat shows 4 and all are mixed wat i need to do??? is it bug???

With slide-box, you need to call .update() when ever you add or remove slides.$ionicSlideBoxDelegate/

yup i using that method as well whenever i changed to next slide and even i used it for after adding fresh slides for same page it will nicelyy rendering but all are okay dots are not updating as of slide length tis is main problem

I would really like to see the Slider dots moved into it’s own component. I am building a Wizard UI component and would like to use similar dots to show the progress through the wizard…

see that codepen ??? dots and slides are mixing is this bug??? i used update method too

So the issue is your on-slide-change function.

no same problem again just go through that code i adding new slides on every on change function and i use on-slide-changed function well too…but i have facing problem when i add new slides after onchange function dots and images are mixed

Same problem here: When updating/changing the slides, there are too many dots (twice in my case). Any news on that?

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In my case, removing slider till model is completely loaded using ng-if solved the problem.
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