Slider-box slider-pager style


Hello all,

I am working on customizing a look of ionic’s slider-box dots that indicate total number of slides.
The problem i have is that sometimes i need to display a lot of slides - 15 for example, so ionic slidebox will display 15 dots that span across two lines. It looks really bad and i am limiting number of displayed dots to only five like so:

.slider-pager span:nth-child(n+6) {
  display: none;

So the above code works good, however i am left with one more problem. When i am on 6th + slide I loose the active slide dot because it is not visible and it looks like all five dots are grey and no active dot.

So my question is how can i select 5th dot if active slide is 6th+ slide?

Thanks for your help.

P.S. @ionic is the best framework on the planet