How to refresh the slide box pager

Dynamically creating slides based on drop down changes and its binding properly but slide box pager is increasing.
If current slide is first one then only its refreshing but if user is on second slide and then he is binding new object then its page is increasing his count.

Example :
Case 1 : First Time 4 slide then showing pager count 4 that’s ok
Now user visit on second slide and try to load new set of slides
Case 2 : Second time 5 slide then pager count previous 4 + next 5 = 9

You may want to check out this, here it shows how to update the slider and reflect it back to the pager.

many thanks …i was missing this $ionicSlideBoxDelegate.update(); inside the loop in my case it was out side once the slide is pused.


just putting inside the loop then its done.