Possible bug with slide box and slides

I am having an issue whenever I want to replace the slidebox’s slides. The glitch happens when the slides are replaced. We need to RESIZE the view to get the wanted result.

I made a codepen with the code and a demo gif when you can appreciate it:

Does anybody know anything about it? Thanks!

Try this when you add / change slides:


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That helps a little, but it’s not fixed yet. I updated the codepen with your $broadcast.

You can see how appears 6 DOTS instead of the expected 3 dots. In Cordova, with the iOS emulator, I having similar glitches. Everything dissappear with a “resize”

That’s a bug.

I dabbled with it a bit and couldn’t solve that problem.

I’ve opened issue # 782 : https://github.com/driftyco/ionic/issues/782