Ionic slide-box crash on iPads


We are seeing a low memory crash when we use ion-slide-box and the carousel has some large data.
The crash only happens on iPad 3/iPad Air but not on lower screen-size devices like iPhone and iPad mini-s.

To replicate the problem, we created a simple carousel with 30 items, all blank pages. If we rotate carousel few times, then the app simply crashes and on some occasions, the tablet itself reboots ! The crash shows that our app is using too much memory and hence it is shutting down.

However the crash does not happen on iPhones, iPad mini.

Here are the tablets where it crashes on rotation:

Tablet: iPad 3
Model: MD366HN/A
OS: 7.0.4 (11B554a)

Tablet iPad Air
Model: MD788HN/B
OS: 8.3 (12F69)

For iPad Air 2, the crash happnes less regularly.

I have uploaded the code @

The code can be packaged with cordova and tested on iPad.

If anyone has any pointers or seen similar crashes, please let all know


I’m seeing similar behaviour. Haven’t been able to locate the problem. In xcode it doesn’t show that the app is using any significant amount of memory. But after some swipes in the slide-box I get memory warning ending with a crash.


There seems to be one ionic issue already raised Please feel free to add a comment there so that the ionic team looks into this on priority.

I have seen that the occurances of crash reduces if I reduce the amount of data in the slide-box. I simply remove the data bindings when the slide is not visible.

However, I still see crashes on rotation.