Memory issue with slide-box and scrollable content

Hi all,

I am also facing similar problems with ion-slide-box. I have raised a query in the forum Ionic slide-box crash on iPads

I have put sample app which shows the crash on the latest ionic version v1.0.0

In our actual product, we have to create ionic slide-boxes dynamically with 3-5 ion-slides. Each ion-slide item has either an ng-repeat or a collection-repeat or an iframe drawing a chart on canvas. Once the data set increases, the app simply crashes on rotation or when we are inside a slide-box and trying to delete the existing one and create a new one.

Such crashes are not noted on lower screen-size devices like iPhone and iPad Mini.

It looks like ionic slide-box is using a lot of memory internally and may also be trigering invalid memory access.

@mhartington Is there any fix available in nightly builds? Its extremly important for us to have a working solution now