Slide bar bug in beta 14

I’m using multiple slide box in single page.

small image slidebox touch then open big image slidebox.

when open big slidebox wait 20sec and view cache all destory.

Do you mind putting a codepen together?

work fine web browser.

but open modal slide box wait many sec. in ios

originally ‘open_big_image’ function is server call 0.1sec

and xcode debug say
"Message from debugger: Terminated due to Memory Error"

before beta-14 no problem

iphone 6, ios 8.1.2

open modal issue? or multiple slide issue?

Did you ever figure this out? I just updated to beta-14, and my app is also crashing intermittently with that error. I haven’t been able to figure out an exact repro case yet though.

The error still occurs,

I’m always occurs this issue

Slide box -> click image -> open loading Backdrop -> open slidebox in Modal

before beta-14 no problem

but beta-14 always “Message from debugger: Terminated due to Memory Error”

I am also getting this error now with beta14