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What referral code not sure what you are talking about

this is a different question. I want to access the referral code inside the app whihc will be sent via a url. SO according to the referral code the changes will occcur in the app. kind of content changes and some other views.
Can you help me with this?

Hello Ionic, I got a little problem when wrapping ion-scroll into ion-list.

This is my code :

What i want is to prevent scrolling while swiping on ion-item, the default is working, but when i tried to wrap it, it is not working, can you anyone help me with some alternative?

The thing is i want to make the height of ion-list resizeable with css, so i’m using ion scroll inside ion-list

Any help would be much appreciated.

can anyone over here help me on how to access the googleplaystore parameters inside my ionic app?
my question is to access the url parameters of the google play store
so i want to access this “somecode” inside my application when the user download myapp

I find very little help for linux environment. Just now, i have hit the wall when trying to upload the app to ionic view. Running the ionic upload command does not upload the app, just terminates without any error messages or uploading the app.

Would love to be able to build for both Android AND iOS on a Windows machine.

Using the Phonegap Build service at the moment which works fine but would cool if it was possible with Ionic somehow!

Not even sure if it’s actually possible though because of the iOS certificate signing stuff

Hey everyone,

Thanks so much for the questions. We are planning on filming the next show this weekend or next week. We will definitely try to answer as many of these questions as possible!

Cheers! :beers:


Some word about compatibility with the newly released Cordova 5 would be great, thanks.



It would be an awesome feature to have both Material Design official support (with angular material), and also keep the current iOS look&feel. Then the Ionic apps could pick one or the other css depending on the platform they run…

yes, but it’s not like other builders.

Ionic device in a flat position, the distance between tabs seemed normal. But when we turn to the side position, all of the tab icons are collected in the middle of the screen. In this way, the lines under the table does not look ugly. For example, such as WhatsApp in the current tabs. Screen turns the distance to change.


Can you guide me through a good example to use backend sqlite database with ionic apps, I want to use services factories and lists in different pages of the app, being a newbie, I am stuck at this. I know how to connect the db, but how to use services and factories to access the db and show them in the lists/ pages is where I am stuck right now.


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Hi first of all, tnx for the great work.

But could you please not spread bad npm practice and stop putting ‘sudo’ in front of npm install calls?


How to boost performance specially for android.
When ionic will have Material Design support.
What the position of ionic from the Cordova updates.
Over view about the future price of the

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For Android or IOS !?

Android in priority yes.

Have you tried Crosswalk ? Because i have same issue with the Android version, i tried to get less loops in my code, less watchers, no filter and no mixed arrays. And now i wanna try crosswalk.

Is the deploy service available yet ?
We can find documentation on it at but it’s not mentioned if it is beta or release.

i am trying to run the ios simulaotr for 8 and above, it gives me a grey screen. However, works wine with ios 7.

any clue?

i am trying to run the ios simulaotr for 8 and above, it gives me a grey screen. However, works wine with ios 7.
any clue?