Ionic Shopping cart with firebase backend

Hi all, I just started a tutorial series on how to create a fully functional ionic shopping cart application.

Read it up here

I hope you find it useful.

Please use Firestore. Firebase is less well suited for a shopping cart.

@AaronSterling Firestore is still in Beta and can still have breaking changes. Don’t use it for any production apps for now.

Firebase introduced breaking changes from 4.8.0 to 4.8.1. So if that’s your criterion, it’s best to use a different database altogether.

Firestore is really exponentially more convenient, much more in line with what you would think a “database” is, and using it doesn’t have that feeling that you’re learning a completely different language that firebase had (in my opinion). If there are any upcoming changes, I don’t think they’ll be breaking. It’s polished already. It wouldn’t make sense to make any drastic changes.

I think you can use it safely, @mark2k. You too @AaronSterling.

@jaydz Here is what they have on thier website “Cloud Firestore is currently in beta release. Feature availability and support for product integrations and platforms will continue to improve as the product matures. For more information on existing limitations in Cloud Firestore, see the limits and quotas documentation”


Yeah. They kindof say it themselves there. “will continue to improve as the product matures.” It’s already really really good.

@AaronSterling is more than experienced from what I can tell from his posts, and I take his word pretty seriously. I’m pretty experienced, to a degree, and I’m seconding his notion.

I see your point, and usually I’d agree. Firestore is just a different case I think. Firebase will be obsolete in a surprisingly short amount of time imo. there’s more risk in starting a project with firebase as of now than there is with Firestore.

And Firestore’s just so much easier…

But do what you’re comfortable with. May be that firebase just works better for you. All good.

when you publish the part 3 Shopping Cart App with Firebase Realtime Database is very good I would like you to upload it soon