Ionic + Sails socket io+ Android 4.4 not working

Hi All, I am currently using ionic@1.6.1 with socket io@0.9 in sails js@.10.5 to create a realtime chat app. It works perfect with Android 5.0 and iOS 6+. However, the socket io is not working with Android 4.4. My app currently is deployed on Heroku. Does anyone have this issue or problem? Thanks for your help.

it depends what browser you are using on your android 4.4 device… if the stock browser is the default webview on your device you do not have websocket support.

Hi @bengtler, thanks for replying. Is it possible to use crosswalk to address this issue?

yep this would be a solution, but keep in mind you need to build multiple apps with crosswalk to get this working for all processor types (armx64, arm and x86)

If not your app will not work on some devices

Thanks for advices. Would go to have a try.

Or do you have any other advice solution?

nope… i tested sockets with on android 5.0.2 and ios 7.

And since some weeks android spread new webview versions as own updates through the play store… so ywe can only hope and wait :wink: