Realtime communication practices with ionic

Did anyone had an experience on real time chat with Ionic?

I wanted to use pusher.js but after seeing this topic I abandoned this option.

My app on on heroku so there is 30 secs request timeout limitation and can not use long polling. (I can create another server for only for this purpose )
Without long polling (standart ajax poll with some interval) my app will probably rejected by Apple.
Websocket support on mobile browsers is not complete, also I need to compare my server framework’s (play 1.3) websocket rfc and heroku’s supported rfc
With Crosswalk can I use websockets on all devices?
I dont know even if I make it work with websockets, is it worth for all software / platform efforts?
Is there a 3rd party solution who solved all these problems?

Thank you!

I had the idea to write my own server with nodejs.
But i think the support of mobile safari in ios6/7 is very low.
And with android it is working since 4.4.4 or chrome 40 out of the box.

So i pushed that a little bit to the future.

With crosswalk you only get the full Android support i think.

Maybe someone else has made some experiences… i am very interested in that topic, too.

Greetz bengtler

Well for chat you’ve got several examples like this with

We’re also in the process of adding websockets via pusher in an app (real-time financial ticker) and right now I’m trying to architect the best solution. The examples via plugins I’ve found are few and outdated. Hopefully crosswalk will allow us to directly use pusher-angular without too much hassle, but I’m just guessing, once we start building next week we’ll see…

If crosswalk is an option for you, then give it a go. If I remember correctly what I’ve read, the iOS webview already implements websockets and doesn’t need plugins like Android. Crosswalk for iOS just extends the native webview, so it shouldn’t be a problem…

Anyways, I’ll post here our findings and experiments during the next week. Until we test it we won’t know for sure… If you find something worth sharing please post it here… :wink:

EDIT: Just found this chat example with pusher + parse. It should be a good starting point for you. Also this guy in the “what are you building with Ionic” thread is reporting they’re using pusher with success.

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i’m working on a im + video app and i’m using xmpp but you can try out sinch :wink: