Ionic Routing outside Angular

Howdy folks!

I’m using Ionic paired with a front end framework called Elm. I have Elm handling all of my routing to each URL and I want Ionic to be able to do page transitions to the correct page based on the route given by Elm when an app is closed and then re-opened or refreshed in the browser.

If the app opens to a URL that isn’t the root route, it gives the error Cannot GET /chat. However, after manually going back to the root route, Ionic then lets Elm go to the route it’s directing to i.e. /chat. Here is how the router is set up in the DOM:

    <ion-router use-hash="false">
        <ion-route url="/"></ion-route>
        <ion-route url="/chat"></ion-route>
    ...The rest of the App...

I’m aware that <ion-route> has a component property but Elm doesn’t use any components like Ionic wants to use them. My thought was by doing this that it would be able to recognize routes at any point in the application and take the correct action i.e. let the page load and transition.

Any idea how to have Ionic honor the URL that Elm is using by default no matter which route is hit? Thanks in advance for any help or advice you’re able to give.