Ionic Angular Router with transition


I’m using Ionic 2 with angular router.
I removed the navController because <router-outlet> and <ion-nav> were overlapping.
Now the routing with URL is working but we can’t use the animations provided by the navController (swipe between pages).
Is there a way to use them with the router between pages ?

Thank you.


why are you using angular routing? I don’t see any reason for that unless you want to escalate your app to be a web page as well.

Anyway you need the nav controller and use the nav.push() method to load the upcoming component of your route.

Provide your code so we can see what you exactly are doing.

We currently use the angular routing because we need it to implement the deeplinking and to use Analytics.

Where is your navigation?

I’m not going to use animations finally but thank you for your help !

Have a nice day

Just a heads up, do not mix the angular router with ionic 2.
The Router is still WIP and does not play well with ion-nav and navController.

In fact you do not need the router for ionic apps, so I’d remove it and not use it.

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Yea of course it is better to use navController but we need Analytics and deeplinking.

Deep linking is possible in ionic app, when you push a new page, you can dynamically create history using insertPages.

While this is important stuff, this is price of beta. Not all features are completed yet (both for ionic and for angular)

And for Analytics ?
I need to know what pages are viewed.
I don’t understand how do you get a URL with the navController for deeplinking.

This is what I meant. These features are still a work in progress. The are not production ready yet. Hence the beta tags

Okay thank you for yours answers.
What are you advice me for the moment ? because we really need to pass in Ionic 2 now.

Have patience and hold on really. Thats the only thing I can really suggest ATM.

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Sir,I want to routing using page. but i didn’t get success .there showing an error ModuleRouter is undefined. please give me a example of routing code.Thank you.