Ionic Roadmap - InAppBrowser

Similar to this guy, Iframe back control in Ionic, I’ve tried

  1. iFrame - which I understand to be a no-no
  2. InAppBrowser - which seems to always show full screen (on android), despite using ‘_self’ tag

My question - is there a better solution on the Ionic roadmap, one that would allow me to host external sites but also maintain the Ionic navigation bar?

Thanks in advance.

You could take a look at the themeable browser. You can find it over here:

I know it isn’t exactly what you’re asking, but it gives you the opportunity to customize the look and feel of the browser accordingly to your app. You’ll have a more fine grained control over the experience then with the inAppBrowser.

Thanks, I guess I can see that as a workaround… but ultimately not an ideal solution. It would be ideal if Ionic delivered its own Webview-like control that I could just pop on a page, like you can with iframe, but still allow the communication (insert CSS, run javascript, subscribe to events) that you get with the inappbrowser.