Ionic resources make release very big


After I used ionic resources to generate splash images. The release of the app grows into very big like 50MB bigger.

Then I unpack the app to check. I found I have some splash images like 10MB each. I feel it’s crazy.

What’s the right way to use those resource files?

App size is too Big

Make them smaller manually.

Use some free image processing tool like Paint.Net. 10MB is simply too large for a splash screen image.

Or you can create a pure JavaScript based splash screen:


Thanks for the reply. After I read that article about JS base splash, I really accept the idea and want to give up the splash screen plugin. Becuase it can build more flexible one and reuse one image in different resolutions.

BTW: I still feel generate the 10mb image in the app is a bug in ionic resources. It should be compressed.


I agree, that’s a huge problem, literally and metaphorically. :wink:


It’s not so easy to disable the splash of iOS.
I just checked my graphic work. Found out a photo makes the PNG so big.

I removed it then everything looks fine.
It’s better resources support JPG. I don’t know is it possible.