Ionic Reset Password with Firebase is not working

I am using Firebase to manage registered users information with ionic App. I added below code to reset password with email : ng-click="resetPassword() with button.
When I enter to receive reset password link, I cannot able to receive email. Even I configure Reset Password in Firebase Dashbord.
So what is the problem?
Any help would be appreciated.

Are you sending the email in the resetPassword() function?

Yes I am sending email in resetPassword() function. Here is my fuction :

.controller(‘ResetCtrl’, [’$scope’, ‘$state’, ‘$firebaseAuth’, ‘$cordovaOauth’, ‘$ionicLoading’, function($scope, $state, $firebaseAuth, $cordovaOauth,$ionicLoading) {
var fb = new Firebase(“”);
var fbAuth = $firebaseAuth(fb);

$scope.login = function() {
$scope.register = function() {

$scope.user = {
  email: ''

$scope.errorMessage = null;

$scope.resetPassword = function() {
 $scope.errorMessage = null;
    template: 'Please wait...'


function showConfirmation() {
  $scope.emailSent = true;

function handleError(error) {
  switch (error.code) {
    case 'INVALID_EMAIL':
    case 'INVALID_USER':
      $scope.errorMessage = 'Invalid email';
      $scope.errorMessage = 'Error: [' + error.code + ']';



But I don’t know why email is not sending.