Error in sendPasswordResetEmail - Firebase

I am trying to send a reset password link using firebase in ionic application…but when i do this…it shows the following error
Error Message: Object { code: “auth/internal-error”, message: "{“error”:{“errors”:[{“domain”:“glob…”, stack: “” }
The code is below

async resetPassword(user:User){     
    const reset = await this.afauth.auth.sendPasswordResetEmail(
                                 'message':"Password reset email has been sent to your mail",          
              console.log('Error while sending Reset link email'); 
         console.log("Error Message:",error);

it directly gets into else part…but when i tried to print the user email id its printing the user email id in console…like i did

let email =;

Anyhelp thanks…

Don’t ever type the word “function” inside of one. Always use arrow functions or lambdas.

just now i edited my post…see the i bolded the text which the actual error was…:slight_smile:

You’re using async/await with non-lexical functions containing this, which is a breeding ground for nondeterministic bugs.

I recommend you ditch async//await, and instead handle the Promise returned by af as a Promise, with resolve and reject arrow functions.