Ionic Release


Hi Team,

Recently I was facing issue porting my Ionic2 App to Ionic3, I could overcome it by creating a whole new project in ionic3 though.

However, my question now is will there be any major release from ionic so that again this gap is created like i faced from ionic2 to 3. I am planning to use Ionic for my next App and this one is gonna be a process intensive and huge app in case of functionalities.

So please let me know if I can go ahead with Ionic3 so that I will not get stuck next time when a major release/version update happens from Ionic team.



i upgraded my few projects from ionic2 to 3. and it took around 1 hour in each project. Very few breaking changes are between these version up gradation.


Yes, there will be major upgrades from Ionic. But major doesn’t mean that it will be complicated, just that it will not be fully backwards compatible (code from this version won’t 100% work in older versions).

Upgrading from Ionic 2 to Ionic 3 should be pretty painless. If you have problems, please create a new topic and describe them.


Hey @vks_gautam1 can you please elaborate on steps you performed while upgrading ionic2 to 3 or if you have any link which you referred to can you share that .


Thanks for the update @Sujan12.


There are many ones now.