Ionic RAM memory problem


I have a problem with my Ionic application. The problem is that the application doesn’t release the RAM. On each views change, the RAM increases (Up to 400MB and then the app just close).

This problem only appears on android. On IOS, the RAM is correctly released.

I have already try to create a new blank project with only one picture on it and run it on android. The problem is the same, the memory is never released when we leave the view.

What should I do to release the RAM and avoid the application crash ?

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I have the same issue, can anyone help us ?

Thanks for reply.
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What platform are you developping on ?
Is there any error while debugging ?

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I’m developping on Windows with Webstorm. There is no error while debugging :confused:

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Hello everyone,

We are working on a hybrid app that allow user to draw path between A and B.

We also have a lot of issue with the RAM usage on Android and we would like to get some answers.

Thank you in advance

There were a Cordova bug a few weeks ago, which made my app crash with a huge ammount of RAM used, you might want to try to update your cordova, might help.

Hi, I’ve installed everything yesterday and having the same issue as you