Ionic push working inconsistently (iOS)



I am having trouble with ios push notifications working consistently. The app registers a push token when you open the app (after permissions accepted) and the app has been live for a while now and iOS push notifications had been working just fine until recently when I started noticing that push notifications weren’t working properly on a build I had launched to TestFlight.

After noticing the notifications were no longer going through, I ran some curl commands using the cloud api :

curl -X POST -H “Authorization:Bearer API_KEY” -H “Content-Type:application/json” -d ‘{“tokens”:[“IOS_TOKEN”],“profile”:“qazingprod”, “notification”:{“message”:“Hello World!”}}’ “

(This works perfect for android devices with the same app)

and checking the status using

curl -H “Authorization: Bearer API_KEY”

I’m getting:

{“meta”: {“status”: 200, “request_id”: “249b025b-1d7c-4ade-ca47-d1f5c8c123b2”, “version”: “2.0.0-beta.0”}, “data”: []}

After uninstalling and re-installing (through testflight) and testing again, using the same cloud api endpoints, the push notifications started to work and I was getting normal responses:

{“meta”: {“status”: 200, “request_id”: “a19ad81b-4afd-4ded-cd3b-8a0d5faa8c9a”, “version”: “2.0.0-beta.0”}, “data”: [{“notification”: “0a2caa90-4c7f-4139-9547-a7e3b308120e”, “status”: “sent”, “error”: null, “created”: “2017-02-07T21:13:21.540439+00:00”, “uuid”: “a8119b75-f271-4ca6-8e53-6a2d1d1bd53a”, “user_id”: null, “token”: {“valid”: true, “created”: “2017-02-07T21:13:21.298353+00:00”, “id”: “12a78de2de3f0f51628ec8a2d9a0a5e4”, “invalidated”: null, “app_id”: “abbe6560”, “token”: “213293600faaac307faae69beb1b04f7440345d485252299b4d4333b3b6402c3”, “type”: “ios”}}]}

After using the app for a little bit however, I noticed the push notifications stopped working once again. Running the same curl commands for the same push token as before, the push notifications weren’t going through and I was getting the bizarre response from checking the status:

{“meta”: {“status”: 200, “request_id”: “249b025b-1d7c-4ade-ca47-d1f5c8c123b2”, “version”: “2.0.0-beta.0”}, “data”: []}

The live version of my app still appears to be accepting push notifications just fine so I’m wondering if this could be related to TestFlight (though I don’t remember having issues with testflight notifications in the past) or if it’s possible something else changed.

Any ideas on why this could happen would be greatly appreciated.


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