Push notifications are received on Android but not on iOS


So I know there are quite a few similar questions out there but so far nothing has worked for me.

Basically push notifications are being received on my Android build, but not on iOS. My certificates should be set up correctly as I am receiving a device token upon starting up the app and I have followed the steps to set up the required profiles/certificates using this tutorial:


If it helps, when trying a direct push via Postman and check my notification for its status, I see that it is in an enqueued state. Furthermore, when using the uuid to check on its eventual outcome I get this JSON object:

  "meta": {
    "status": 200,
    "version": "2.0.0-beta.0",
    "request_id": "4da3e061-ae99-4697-a87c-dfde448876f8"
  "data": [
      "user_id": null,
      "error": "UNKNOWN",
      "uuid": "c8284822-0a49-461b-a052-94e7b41c90da",
      "created": "2016-11-30T11:16:28.053053+00:00",
      "notification": "5f530535-eb94-4e91-9930-8aff9881e93b",
      "status": "error",
      "token": {
        "app_id": "a44fb59e",
        "valid": true,
        "id": "99c518e2aa5871d24fd5c373d91d71ec",
        "created": "2016-11-30T11:04:29.592060+00:00",
        "invalidated": null,
        "type": "ios",
        "token": "<my device token>"