IOS push notifications doesn't work on production (Ionic 2)

Hi, In Development mode, the push notification is working both for IOS and Android, but in production, it’s not working for IOS, only in android.
I have tried with the following certificates:
-App Store and Ad Hoc
-Apple Push Notification service SSL (Sandbox & Production)
but none of them is working in production, only in dev.
Can someone specify please what are the certificates needed for IOS push notifications to work in production mode as well ?

What provider or service are you using to send push notifications?
What plugin or library are you using to handle push in your application?

Hi, thanks for your response!
I’m using “phonegap-plugin-push” to handle push in my app.
About “provider or service” - can you explain me please what do you mean?

What tool do you use to send push notifications. Common ones around here are Ionic Push or Onesignal. They normally have a debug functionality.

OK, we use Ionic push.

Ok great. What does it says for the pushes you sent when you check their status on

Hi, the status is: “Sent” (please see attached image), but only when I sent a message from platform (The issue occurs when the action is between 2 phones).

Do you have an idea?

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What do you mean by that? How do you send push notifications between two phones?

Hi, thank you so much :slight_smile:
We have 2 different apps, That for example can communicate through messaging that trigger push notification about “new message received” for each app (that’s what I meant).
This is working fine in ‘development’ mode but when going to ‘production’, only system notifications (by ionic platform) are working, not those push notifications.

Thanks a lot!

How do you send these notifications? Where is this code executed and what exactly does it do?